Rules for OC1 Reservations

1.) Don’t take any unnecessary risks; use common sense. Have a true assessment of your skill level and the conditions. Do not paddle alone unless you are a strong swimmer, have reached a base level of conditioning, and are well familiar with the feel of the boat.  Even the strongest paddlers go out with a buddy, especially in challenging conditions.

2.) Do not take the boat above the Columbia Bridge during a regatta.

3.) Wear or carry a PFD on board at all times.

4.) Do not go out if the combined air and water temperature is below 90 degrees, and wear proper gear for conditions.

5.) Do not go out if the rate of water flow is at or above 8000 cubic feet per second.

6.) Follow the Schuylkill Navy’s rules for boating on the Schuylkill River.

7.) Strap an extra paddle on the back when conditions are rough.

8.) Do not remove the OC-1 from its location at the Schuylkill River without express permission from the POCC Board.

9.) Report any damage immediately. Stuff happens. It’s better if you don’t hit anything; but if you do, just tell us so that we can fix it immediately and prevent future damage to the boat.

10.) These rules are mandatory to remain authorized to use the OC-1. Failure to observe these rules will result in loss of privilege.

If you have any questions please email Bruce Bayne at
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